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Investment Management

Our investment management goal is simple: to build "real" wealth–-after taxes, fees, and inflation–-for our clients.  As a long-term, disciplined investment manager, we believe this can be achieved by adhering to four key principles.

Portfolios Structured to the Client's Objectives

Each client has a unique financial situation, attitude toward risk, and set of financial goals.  We not only work to identify those factors, but we carefully determine each client's investment objectives and tailor an investment strategy accordingly.

Specialized Investment Team

In today's complex investment environment, professionals who specialize in particular investment styles achieve the best results.  That's why we offer great value to our clients–we are a highly focused, specialized investment management team supported by our own economic, equity, and fixed-income research.

Asset Diversification

Wealth building and volatility reduction can only be achieved through disciplined diversification among many investment styles.

Active Investment Management

We are active managers and, over time, an active approach to investing produces better results than passive (index) investing.

At Sachs Investment Group, we work to understand and exceed our clients' needs.  We do that by paying close attention to all costs associated with the investment process, by offering superior client service, and by maintaining our leadership position in the investment management industry.

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